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Holiday Game Jam- Welcome To The North Pole

I have started developing games with the Core platform and I am really enjoying it. The coding language is lua. The models are created by taking shapes and putting them together, the sounds are included, multiplayer is built in. YadNi_Monde one of the famous Second Life creators and I have partnered up to create games together. He creates the 3D assets, I create the code, UI, sounds and animations. On Jan 20, 2022 we had submitted an animated scene for the Festive Joy category and won 1st place!

Link to Article: https://blog.coregames.com/announcing-the-holiday-jam-winners-b9a8255bcb0e
Link to Game: https://www.coregames.com/games/777a84/welcome-to-the-north-pole?utm_source=copy&utm_medium=client

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